2008 Boone County Candidates

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It's important that Pat Martin remains in the Auditor's office!

Under the leadership of Gretchen Smith the past eight years, the Boone County Auditor's office has set a customer service standard that one does not always find in other counties. It has been reported that some county auditors do everything they can to maximize county income while shortchanging citizens by not emphasizing the availability of tax exemptions. Citizen needs are not shortchanged in the the Boone County Auditor's office!

Pat has served in the Boone County Auditor's office the past ten years. She not only enthusiastically shares Gretchen's customer service approach, but also knows well the 65+ duties performed in the office (see below, under my name).

Of equal importance are the joint efforts of Pat and Gretchen to answer questions from the public and provide the data sometimes needed to understand and evaluate some aspect of county government. They are efficiently professional and do not "play politics." Pat and Gretchen clearly demonstrate that the information they possess belongs to all of us. This attitude is important because of the weak public access laws in Indiana.

Pat Martin deserves the support of May 6 primary voters for Boone County Auditor because of her customer service attitude, experience, and devotion to open government.

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