Boone County Government Expenditures Per Capita

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Indiana has 92 counties. Based on the 2010 Census, the counties range in population from 6,128 (Ohio County) to 903,393 (Marion County).

County government in Indiana is responsible for performing many duties including law enforcement (which includes sheriff and jail services), elections, civil and criminal courts, and health services. Officials in county government also administer the property tax system.

Services provided by counties generally do not differ across the state; therefore, disparities in spending levels may be caused by differing levels of current capital spending and differing levels of efficiency.

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance has compiled Expenditures Per Capita data for Indiana county governments since 2005. Listed next is a year-by-year comparison of our Boone County Government Expenditures Per Capita compared to the average and median for all Indiana counties. The median is the Expenditures Per Capita amount where half the counties spend more and half spend less.

Boone County Government Expenditures Per Capita

2011 Boone County Government = $2,172.16
2011 Boone County Government Rank = 33rd Highest of 92 Counties
2011 Indiana County Average = $1,973.50 (Boone County 10.1% higher)
2011 Indiana County Median = $1,803.39 (Boone County 20.4% higher)

NOTE: An accounting change makes the comparison from 2010 to 2011 difficult.

2010 Boone County Government = $545.93 or $513.54
2010 Indiana County Average = $922.30 (Boone County 40.8% or 44.3% lower)
2010 Indiana County Median = $591.46 (Boone County 7.7% or 13.2% lower)

2009 Boone County Government = $689.63 or $847.17
2009 Indiana County Average = $912.90 (Boone County 24.5% or 7.2% lower)
2009 Indiana County Median = $645.12 (Boone County 6.9% or 31.3% higher)

2008 Boone County Government = $1,404.15
2008 Indiana County Average = $1,670.05 (Boone County 15.9% lower)
2008 Indiana County Median = $1,446.32 (Boone County 2.9% lower)

2007 Boone County Government = $1,026.97
2007 Indiana County Average = $1,224.67 (Boone County 16.1% lower)
2007 Indiana County Median = $1,011.26 (Boone County 1.6% higher)

2006 Boone County Government = $836.01
2006 Indiana County Average = $965.54 (Boone County 13.4% lower)
2006 Indiana County Median = $829.24 (Boone County 0.8% higher)

2005 Boone County Government = $794.81
2005 Indiana County Average = $1,149.36 (Boone County 30.8% lower)
2005 Indiana County Median = $929.24 (Boone County 14.5% lower)

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The per capita spending of our Boone County Government has been pretty much "middle of the pack" when compared with other Indiana counties.

The findings listed next resulted from the 2012 Watchdog Indiana analysis of our Boone County Government finances: see

1. Our Boone County Council does not need to impose a Wheel Tax if the county budget is properly managed.

3. The amount of Boone County government cash reserves is currently satisfactory.

4. The use of existing cash reserves as funding solutions for revenue shortfalls cannot continue indefinitely.

4.4. Permanent budget cuts from several of the county’s operating areas totaling about $2 million will probably be needed through 2014 to maintain the targeted overall 15% cash reserve level. Permanent budget cuts of $2 million would be less than 7% of the actual 2011 disbursements total of $29,606,976.29 from the 79 Selected Funds. (NOTE: The permanent budget cuts will NOT be necessary if the Indiana Gas Tax Reform Plan is passed by our General Assembly: see

The accumulated Boone County Government Expenditures Per Capita data shows that it is reasonable to expect modest efficiency improvements in our Boone County Government WITHOUT imposing tax and fee increases.

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