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Phone: 765-482-3604 

Campaign Contributions: January 1, 2016, through April 8, 2016

Candidate Dardini had no cash on hand on January 1. He received $1,292.10 in itemized contributions and $510.00 in unitemized contributions. There were $1,169.02 in itemized expenditures and $188.52 in unitemized expenditures. The April 8 cash on hand was $444.56. Contributions from the candidate and his immediate family totaled $572.10, and no other single contribution was more than $120.00.


Watchdog Indiana County Commissioner Candidate Questions - 2016 Primary Election

1. What will be your public service priorities if you are elected to be a Boone County Commissioner? ANSWER: My priorities will be sustained, quality economic development, education, infrastructure, and youth development.

2. Is the county spending enough of its available resources to maintain and improve the county roads in the unincorporated areas of the county? BACKGROUND: The 2013-15 State Budget made better use of the existing state Gasoline Tax and state Sales Tax revenues from gasoline purchases to significantly increase Boone County transportation funding. State revenues deposited into the Boone County Motor Vehicle Highway and Local Road & Street funds increased 38 percent from $2,900,956 in 2013 to $4,016,363 in 2015. However, only $2,888,947 was spent from the 2015 Boone County Motor Vehicle Highway and Local Road & Street funds – $1,127,416 was unspent and added to the cash reserves (the December 31, 2015, cash balances in the Boone County Motor Vehicle Highway and Local Road & Street funds totaled $2,933,169). ANSWER: Given the additional funding, there are still some areas where infrastructure in unincorporated areas needs to be improved, however these projects need to be addressed within our current financial means. I support having a monetary reserve, and I do not support unnecessary or wasteful spending.

3. What is an appropriate level of county cash reserves compared to the county’s annual operating budget? BACKGROUND: The August 11, 2010, Boone County Comprehensive Financial Plan prepared by H. J. Umbaugh & Associates (a PDF version can be E-mailed on request) targets 15% as a prudent level of end-of-the-year Boone County government cash balances compared to annual operating funds disbursements. ANSWER: I support a minimum of 15%.

4. Should property tax rate increases be avoided to (a) protect lower income Boone County residents with homes assessed below the 1% property tax cap from tax increases and (2) lessen Boone County units of government budget losses to property tax caps? ANSWER: They should be avoided, yes.

5. Should better use be made of the request for proposals (RFP) process to select county government service providers? ANSWER: Yes.

6. Is the Boone County Area Comprehensive Plan a good road map for future growth that also preserves agriculture as an economic development industry? BACKGROUND: See ANSWER: I served as a Youth Focus Group Member for this plan, and I believe it is a good foundation for the future that acknowledges agriculture as a vital part of our community. Being an Agricultural Educator now, I will do everything in my power to ensure agribusinesses and production agriculturalists have opportunities for growth and success as well.

7. Should upcoming board appointments by the Boone County Commissioners be announced ahead of time so interested citizens can apply? ANSWER: Yes.

8. Who is your current employer, and would service as a Boone County Commissioner possibly create significant conflicts related to your employment? ANSWER: I am currently employed at Clinton Central Jr./Sr. High School as an Agriculture and Business teacher. My administration is 100% supportive of my candidacy and sees it as a professional growth opportunity that I can use to bring valuable experiences back to my students.

9. What is your campaign phone number, E-mail address, and website (or other online presence)? ANSWER: My campaign contact information Calls: (765)482-3604, Email:, Facebook: "Andy Dardini for Commissioner", Twitter: @AndyDardini

10. Do you wish to make some additional comments about your candidacy? ANSWER: Not at this time.

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