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Watchdog Indiana Center Township Trustee Candidate Questions - 2014 Primary Election

1. What in your background prepares you to manage the Center Township delivery of services? ANSWER: I have spent over thirty five years in public service, thirty of those years have been managing personnel, inventories and budgets. Three years as the current trustee.

2. How would you oversee the Center Township Fire Department operations? ANSWER: Allow your Chief and Officers to run the day to day operations of the Department. The Trustee’s role should be of guidance, support and administrative.

3. How would you make certain the Center Township firefighters receive state-required training? BACKGROUND: The state EMS Certification Specialist reported on March 27, 2014, that the Center Township Fire Department has not met the certification requirements in Indiana Code 16-31-3 for the provision of emergency medical services. ANSWER: According to our records, all Center Township Fire personnel are current on certification, All responding personnel are either EMT or First responder certified and meet state standards.

4. How would you deliver township assistance services? ANSWER: Emergencies as needed, all others by appointment.

5. What is Center Township’s proper cash balance as a percent of budget? BACKGROUND: The Center Township June 30, 2013, cash balance was 60.5% of the 2014 certified budget: see https://gateway.ifionline.org/report_builder/unit_reports/unitReports.aspx. ANSWER: I am not too sure what a correct percentage would be, I feel each individual would have a different perception as to the correct amount. However I would rather have a small surplus then a deficit.

6. Would the public benefit if the Center Township Fire Department ceased to be a separate entity and became part of the Lebanon Fire Department? ANSWER: I don’t know how it would be a benefit. At this time the citizens of the Township and City already receive service from both departments through Automatic Aid.

7. Should Center Township merge with the City of Lebanon so that the unincorporated areas of Center Township become part of the City of Lebanon? ANSWER: This is something that may need to be addressed in the coming years. However it should be a decision made by the People of Center Township.

8. How would you provide better public access, including Center Township Board meetings notification? ANSWER: All meeting notifications are made in accordance to state law at this time and all concerned citizens are welcomed and encourage to attend. RECORD: Candidate Large declined to respond to the Indiana Public Access Counselor regarding Formal Complaint 13-FC-23 from a Center Township resident who asked to be notified of the 2013 meetings schedule of the Center Township Board. On February 21, 2013, the Public Access Counselor issued an opinion that the Center Township Board acted contrary to the open door law by failing to demonstrate it complied with the requirements of Indiana Code 5-14-1.5-5(b)(3).

9. Do you wish to make some additional comments about your candidacy? Do you have a campaign phone number and E-mail address? Do you have a campaign website? ANSWER: As a conservative Township resident we strive to manage our tax dollars wisely.

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