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Watchdog Indiana Lebanon Community School Corporation Board of Trustees Candidate Questions - 2014 General Election

1. Do you anticipate the need for holding a referendum to pass a property tax levy outside the property tax caps for school operating expenses before 2019? ANSWER: Has not responded.

2. Will you support new capital project bond issues before 2019? ANSWER: Has not responded.

3. Do you believe more Lebanon High School graduates should be motivated and prepared to enroll in college? ANSWER: Has not responded.

4. Should more LCSC students be included in the gifted and talented education track? ANSWER: Has not responded.

5. Should more Lebanon High School students earn Core 40 with Honors Diplomas and take Advanced Placement courses so they will need fewer remediation classes in college? ANSWER: Has not responded.

6. Do you support a joint program between the school corporation and the new Vincennes University Training and Education Center in Lebanon where interested students can earn an associates degree in advanced manufacturing upon graduation from Lebanon High School? ANSWER: Has not responded.

7. Why is the percentage of LCSC students earning a Pass Plus on the ISTEP Math exams declining a great deal beginning in the sixth grade? ANSWER: Has not responded.

8. How would you improve outcomes on the ISTEP Social Studies exams? ANSWER: Has not responded.

9. What should be done to increase the percentage LCSC third grade students passing the Indiana Reading Evaluation And Determination (IREAD-3) assessment without summer remediation? ANSWER: Has not responded.

10. Do you agree with the decision to cut all kindergarten aides at all Lebanon elementary schools this year? ANSWER: Has not responded.

11. What is your occupation and what skills do you have relative to serving as a trustee for the school corporation? ANSWER: Has not responded.

12. What is your educational philosophy relative to the responsibilities of the school board? ANSWER: Has not responded.

13. How would you help teachers in the classroom be more effective in their teaching? ANSWER: Has not responded.

14. Should users of the Herman B Wells Community Conference Center at Lebanon High School be allowed to serve beer and wine? ANSWER: Has not responded.

15. Do you wish to make some additional comments about your candidacy? Do you have a campaign phone number and E-mail address? Do you have a website? ANSWER: Has not responded.

Watchdog Lebanon Home Page

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