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2013 General Assembly Voting Record
Voted NO
on House Bill 1001, which is Taxpayer Friendly because the 2013-15 state budget makes better use of the existing state Gasoline Tax and state Sales Tax revenues from gasoline purchases with NO NEW TRANSPORTATION TAX INCREASES to increase transportation funding for INDOT by 11%, cities and towns by 34%, and counties by 23%.
Voted YES on House Bill 1011, which is Taxpayer Friendly because construction of a costly light rail transportation system cannot be approved by a new central Indiana transit district before March 14, 2014.
Voted NO on House Bill 1117, which was Taxpayer UNfriendly because it created the possibility for a minority of county income tax council members representing a minority of the county population to impose a county-wide motor vehicle excise surtax and wheel tax. 
Voted NO on House Bill 1313, which is Taxpayer Friendly because it (1) supports the establishment of a 2013 interim committee to study local government regulation of  residential leases and (2) prohibits a local government from adopting regulations for landlord licensing, mandatory landlord classes, and rental inspection and registration fees until July 1, 2014.
Voted YES on Senate Bill 319, which is Taxpayer Friendly because it prevents a significant shift of the property tax burden to farm working families by (1) using the current soil productivity factors until 2015 and (2) requiring the Department of Local Government Finance to confer with the College of Agriculture of Purdue University and submit a 2013 interim study committee report on soil productivity factors.

Watchdog Indiana Candidate Questions - November 6, 2012, General Election
1. QUESTION: What are your priorities regarding the 2013-2015 state budget? ANSWER: DID NOT RESPOND. RECORD (from campaign website): while Indiana has begun to make full-day kindergarten more widely available, we must continue to push for fully funded, full-day education for students by age five. Most other states provide books as an essential component of free public education - Indiana needs to step up and do the same.
2. QUESTION: Should the non-transportation appropriations from the state’s Motor Vehicle Highway Account be transferred to the state’s General Fund so more of our Indiana Gasoline Tax dollars can be properly spent to meet our transportation needs? ANSWER: DID NOT RESPOND. RECORD (from campaign website): A strong workforce requires strong infrastructure. Central Indiana is a vital economic hub, and shares its benefits with the entire state. To ensure that Indiana does not get left behind, we need to reinvest in our infrastructure, particularly here in central Indiana. Getting people to work efficiently and affordably will only become more important. Our voting citizens deserve the opportunity to consider investing in mass transit. Transportation means more than improving highways and filling potholes. Our airport has tremendous potential for our economy, as does a higher speed, efficient rail line between Indianapolis and Chicago.
3. QUESTION: Should the Automatic Taxpayer Refund law be (a) improved to make refunds more likely, (b) kept as it is, or (c) eliminated? ANSWER: DID NOT RESPOND.
4. QUESTION: Do you pledge to maintain both the Homestead Standard Deduction and the Homestead Supplemental Deduction without ANY change? ANSWER: DID NOT RESPOND.
5. QUESTION: What is your position regarding township government reform? ANSWER: DID NOT RESPOND.
6. QUESTION: What is your position regarding redevelopment commissions oversight? ANSWER: DID NOT RESPOND.
7. QUESTION: Do you wish to make some additional comments about your candidacy? ANSWER: DID NOT RESPOND. RECORD (from campaign website): We must support our schools, our workforce, and our business community to create a thriving economic climate that attracts and retains good jobs and continued investment in our state. I agree with our civic leaders, university presidents, and our business community that we must emphasize the importance that scientific research plays in our local and state economy. we need to support our workforce with training opportunities in order to nimbly evolve to suit changing business needs.

Watchdog Indiana Home Page Indiana General Assembly & Governor Ratings Legislative Voting Record

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