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Watchdog Indiana LogoWatchdog Lebanon provides information about the revenues, spending, and long-term debt assumption of the local and county governments in Boone County. An online community is established where Boone County Hoosiers work together to help control government growth. This volunteer effort is non-party, non-connected, and non-profit. 

Watchdog Lebanon focuses on the local tax burden of Boone County working families.

"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, ... who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat." - Theodore Roosevelt

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Boone County Candidate Information:
2004 Boone County Candidates (November 2, 2004, Boone County Commissioners General Election; November 2, 2004, Boone County Council General Election; May 4, 2004, Boone County Commissioners Republican Primary; May 4, 2004, Boone County Council Republican Primary).
2002-03 Boone County Candidates (November 4, 2003, Lebanon Mayor and City Council General Election; November 5, 2002, Boone County Council District 3 General Election; May 7,2002, Boone County Commissioner District 1 Republican Primary).
Boone County Disbursements
Boone County Growth Projections
Boone County Highway Department
Boone County Property Taxes
Boone County Utilities: March 12, 2003, IURC News Release about BCU Change Orders.
Consumer Price Index
Convention Center
County Council Voting Record
County Option Income Tax (COIT)
Elected Representatives Directory
Emergency Telephone System (E911) Fee
Family Meals Tax: Lebanon Food and Beverage Tax.
I-65 Development: Duke Realty Project. I-65 South Corridor Overlay District.
Lebanon City Council Voting Record
Lebanon City Finances
Lebanon Municipal Building
Lebanon Public Library
Lebanon School Finances
Lebanon Utilities - Wastewater (Sewer)
Lebanon Utilities - Water
Petition and Remonstrance
Population Data: City Of Lebanon; Center Township; Boone County; State Of Indiana.
Recount Commission: 2002 Boone County Commissioner District 1.
Related Sites: Boone County Area Plan Commission; Boone County Chamber of Commerce; Boone County Community Network; Boone County Economic Development Corporation; Boone County E-mail Directory; Boone REMC; Lebanon (City Of), Indiana; Lebanon Community School Corporation.
US 421 Corridor Overlay District
Wheel Tax

Immediate action needed!
Walter "Butch" Smith is Taxpayer Friendly because he voted against the Boone County Family Meals Tax to help build the Colts stadium. Watchdog Lebanon hopes Candidate Smith is elected to the Boone County Council for District 2.

Kerry Kries is Taxpayer UNfriendly because he voted for the Boone County Family Meals Tax to help build the Colts stadium. Watchdog Lebanon hopes Candidate Kries is NOT elected to the Boone County Council for District 3.

Did You Know?
Watchdog Lebanon Candidate Ratings have been assigned to the ten candidates for Boone County Commissioner and the Boone County Council.

The Candidate Ratings were assigned after evaluating Candidate Questionnaire responses and public records regarding key issues such as the Duke Realty I-65 Project, wheel tax, Boone County Highway Department funding, using COIT revenue for homestead credits, County Commissioners legal services budget, 2007 inventory tax elimination, "convention center," Lebanon Public Library, Emergency Telephone System (E911) Fee, Rainy Day Fund usage, and potential conflicts of interest.

Jim Whelan (765-483-9268,, who with his response to the Watchdog Lebanon Candidate Questionnaire shows his respect of the desire of voters to make informed voting decisions, is a Taxpayer Friendly candidate who is likely to make results-oriented, compassionate, and fiscally conservative decisions as a member of the Boone County Council.

Two other candidates responded to the Watchdog Lebanon Candidate Questionnaire. Fred Martin (765-436-7776, has an Uncertain candidate rating. James "Jim" Urban (765-482-0766, is Taxpayer UNfriendly.

There are two candidates who declined to respond the November 2, 2004, Candidate Questionnaire, but did respond to the May 4, 2004, Candidate Questionnaire. These two candidates apparently have decided after all that they do not see a political gain in having a fully informed electorate. Jeff Heck (765-482-5024, is Uncertain. Harold E. "Huck" Lewis (765-482-6758, is Taxpayer UNfriendly

Two candidates have never responded to a Candidate Questionnaire, but have a sufficient public record on most of the key issues. Both Marcia C. Wilhoite (765-482-4442) and Charles Eaton (765-482-7170, are Taxpayer UNfriendly.

The final three candidates - Charles T. Ewing (317-873-4329), Dawn M. Fairchild (765-482-3848,, Debby (Sanders) Shubert - did not respond to the Candidate Questionnaire and have a very limited public record. The hesitance of these three candidates to provide meaningful information to the voters should not result in success on November 2.

Specific details regarding candidate positions can be found at 2004 Boone County Candidates

Boone County Elected Officials and Candidates

Taxpayer Friendly Boone County elected officials and candidates who are results-oriented, compassionate, and fiscally conservative must be identified and supported. Taxpayer UNfriendly Boone County elected officials and candidates do not deserve the electoral support of informed Boone County Watchdogs. Some Boone County elected officials and candidates have an Uncertain rating because of a limited or mixed public record.

Betty Lee Cooper
Charles Eaton (
Taxpayer UNfriendly)
Harold E. "Huck" Lewis
(Taxpayer UNfriendly)

Watchdog Salem LogoYou Can Help.
Listed below are several ways you can help control taxes and spending in Boone County.

Bookmark this website so you can easily visit Watchdog Lebanon often to help learn about cash revenues, cash spending, and long-term debt assumption in the various Boone County governmental units.

Suggest projects for Watchdog Lebanon to adopt. Please send an E-mail if you know of something that needs the attention of Watchdog Lebanon.

Register to vote. Send an E-mail to the Boone County Clerk to request information on how and where to register to vote.

Take a local candidate's Voting Record on important resolutions into account when voting.

E-mail to the Editor of your local newspaper a letter or opinion article about local cash revenues, cash spending, and long-term debt assumption. Use Letters To The Editor Via E-mail to find the E-mail address of the Editor of your local newspaper.

Use the Local Government Factfinding List to understand and influence the revenues, spending, and long-term debt assumption decisions of your local government.

Become a Voting Member of Watchdog Indiana. Anyone who makes a contribution of five dollars or more is eligible to become a Voting Member. When fifteen contributors express an interest in becoming Voting Members, the Watchdog Indiana Constitution And Bylaws will be activated. 

Watchdog Lebanon summarizes my use of Boone County, Indiana, as a case study to demonstrate how you can work to help control the revenue and spending growth of your local government. Understanding the Fundamental Watchdog Beliefs will help you understand the approach taken in this website. Please send an E-mail telling what you think about Watchdog Lebanon or anything else that comes to mind. Your comments, suggestions, problems, complaints, praise, and opinions are welcome.

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